Seven Questions to Aya Morisson

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This week, in this new edition of Seven QuestionsHighlights invites you to discover an incredible fashion brand with Aya Morisson : a chic, moderate –end luxury line of women’s ready to wear clothing point, inspired beachwear/resort wear, bespoke unisex couture pieces and fashion handbags and accessories.


How did you come up with the brand?

Well, Aya Morrison as a brand was inspired by the lack of bold and affordably exciting fashion pieces on the market (from accessories to clothing to beachwear) for the fashion forward woman. Combined with the ever so diverse nature of New York City’s colorful set up, I saw it necessary to create pieces that turn heads and yet functional and very fashionable for any occasion, to fill that void. 



Why the name Aya Morrison?

Aya in itself is an adinkra symbol which represents the fern (a symbol of endurance and resourcefulness) and it also happens to be my family-given name. I was named after my great grandmother, who was heartily called Aya. She was a woman of great industry and a pillar in the family, whose legacy I wish to continue. The Morrison is the short version of my last name: Aidoo-Morrison and seeing as the pieces I was creating told the story of a fashion-forward woman who loves to embrace colorful prints and bold accessories, which is who I stand for, I decided to name the brand after myself


What are your favourite styles from your SS16 and SS17 collections?

You know, the Aya Morrison brand offerings are now more mass market than seasonal since 2015. In the last 2 seasons, I’ve released collections every other month rather than every six months, for the purpose of driving the online store varieties. That said, my favorite pieces would have to be the Chantel maxi skirt and the Alexis Dress

Chantel Maxi Skirt

Alexis Dress


How is Aya Morrison contributing to a major change in the industry?

Well, Aya Morrison for starters practices ethical fashion habits for fashion. We utilize environmentally friendly raw materials for our products and engage in productions that are morally acceptable in the fashion industry. We are currently working on helping to reduce poverty by employing dressmakers in very deprived countries in a bid to supply them with some income. We hope doing this would help create a major change in the fashion industry


Which designer(s) inspires you and why?

I am heavily inspired by Chanel because of her sense of style and sense of intricacy. The Chanel brand has been an amazingly successful brand that I’ve looked up to over the years and conducted case studies on specifically to continue to draw inspiration from the original founder as well as their rich and ongoing fashion culture. 


As an opinion leader in your sector, what objectives and values are you aiming to communicate via your creations? 

Well my number one objective that I believe I do communicate via my creations is that women must embrace and accentuate their curves, and be bold with colors. 


What would be your advices to young designers trying to build their own brands?

Building a brand requires discipline, dedication and diligence. Aside your creative juices that push you to create, you have to learn to motivate yourself always and have a very broad outlook on life. Just an added bonus would be to learn some business aspects of building a brand particularly in the fashion industry



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