Seven questions to Aminah Sagoe

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In this new edition of Seven QuestionsHighlights invites you to discover an incredible beauty brand that addresses different skin concerns. Aminah Sagoe, CEO and Founder of Emmaus Beauty welcomes us into her universe and shares her inspirations and insights. 


How did you come up with the brand Emmaus ?

Emmaus was birthed out of a personal need to heal a common skin condition that I suffer from called Keratosis Pilaris (KP), also known as “chicken skin.” Approximately 40% of adults, and 60% of adolescents in the US have this non-contagious, non-life threatening condition, which there isn't a cure for. 

In looking for a solution, I discovered that many of the ingredients in products I was using were toxic and contained carcinogens. I wanted a natural, yet effective solution to help my KP symptoms and also help the many others that are dealing with KP. 

The unique combination of ingredients found in Emmaus products not only helps with KP, but also a variety of other skin conditions including body acne, ingrown hairs, uneven complexions, scaly/dry skin, and even mild Eczema and Psoriasis.


Why the name Emmaus and is there any meaning attached to it ?

The name Emmaus is taken from the Bible and signifies Rebirth, Resurrection, and Revelation. I believe this to be Spiritually true, and I also believe that when we look after our skin using good products, we also experience these attributes on our skin. 



Can you tell us more about your approach when formulating the products ?

Emmaus products are multi-taskers, which means they work for more than just one skin concern. Our formulation currently helps skin issues such as KP, body acne, ingrown hairs, uneven complexions, scaly/dry skin, and even mild Eczema and Psoriasis.

We use a concentrated amount of natural yet effective ingredients, without the use of unnecessary chemical fillers. Using natural ingredients eliminates the absorption of chemicals into the body, thus better protecting the user from toxins.


How is Emmaus contributing to a major change in the industry ?

We incorporated Plant stem cell technology into our products because the plant stem cells are cultivated and harvested in a lab setting. This method protects natural resources by decreasing water use, maintaining purity of the ingredients, and reduces the depletion of whole plants.


Who are some of your role models in beauty and business?  

Estee Lauder…Her business was built from scratch, starting with a dream, and very few products. Through extraordinary ambition, impeccable taste, perseverance, innovative marketing and hard work, this creative visionary became the wealthiest self-made woman in America and created a family dynasty that continues today.

Richard Branson…His dyslexia and poor academic performance as a student did not prevent him from achieving his dreams, and his unconventional methods of doing business demonstrates that it’s acceptable and profitable to bring fun and passion into your trade.



As an opinion leader in your sector, what objectives and values are you aiming to communicate via your creations ? 

Emmaus was created to help me deal with my skin issues, and it brings me great joy to share my creation with so many others so they may also enjoy smooth, clear skin.  

I want people to know that it is indeed possible to have natural yet effective products, while also helping the Earth at the same time.


What would be your advice to young African entrepreneurs trying to build their own brands? 

QUALITY, QUALITY, QUALITY! Don’t skimp on quality - ingredients, packaging, etc. People (Africans and non–Africans alike) expect African products to be subpar so we need to change the perception and the only way to do that is to go above and beyond what we would normally do. 



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