Seven Questions to Ameyo Fashion House

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In this new edition of Seven QuestionsHighlights invites you to discover an inspirational fashion brand : Améyo Fashion House. The brand is inspired by the natural diversity in culture with exotic, playful and sublime aesthetics.


How did you come up with the brand Améyo?

I’ve wanted to be a fashion designer since I was a child. I would alter my cloths and use little pieces from my mum to make stuff for myself so I tailored my life towards becoming one. When I was about 13 years, I came up with a name for my brand. I started to use that name from time to time along with my own name as a brand but I wasn’t too sure which one to go for. Finally one of my cousins came up to me and said, the name sounded more like a real estate name than a fashion brand so we went backwards and forward until we decided on Améyo.


Why the name Améyo and is there any meaning attached to it?

Ameyo is my mums name and I initially chose it because it has a nice ring to it.  My mum means the world to me and being able to use her name for my brand is a way for me to give tribute to the role she plays in my life and where I find myself today. 


What are your favourite styles from your AW16 and SS17 collections?

I love every piece in my collection because I think the collection is very versatile but my personal favourites are the illusion shift dress and the Pleated flare tea skirt.


How is Améyo contributing to a major change in the industry?

The main focus of Améyo is to become a RTW women’s brand that does all its production in Ghana. 

Currently, the industry only has a few RTW brands that cannot cater for the needs of the masses. Very often, clients have to visit their designers or seamstresses to place orders in advance for an event they want to attend which can take between 2-6 weeks to deliver. Also, we hope to create jobs for a lot of talented seamstresses who can’t find jobs in this budding industry and inspire young upcoming designers to push for their dreams.


Which designer(s) inspires you and why?

I am mostly inspired by Alexander McQueen who I believe doesn’t conform to trends and goes for what he believes in and what inspires his creativity. I am also inspired by the late kofi Ansah who had an immense passion for the success of the Ghanaian fashion industry and was one of the few African designers to be recognised by the British fashion council.


As an opinion leader in your sector, what objectives and values are you aiming to communicate via your creations? 

Améyo is passionate about ethical fashion, sustainable fashion and promoting African fashion to the global front.


What would be your advices to young designers trying to build their own brands?

I would say let your passion drive you. Focus on what you believe in, work hard no matter what your dream is and don’t let anyone who doesn’t believe in you get into your head.



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Wow...I am so impressed. This beautiful lady is going places with her passion.
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