Seven Question to Ngone Sagna

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In this new edition of Seven Questions, Highlights invites you to discover an inspiring jewelry designer whose creations can be best described as a mix between Africa and Europe. 

Ngone Sagna, Founder of Ngone Creations welcomes us into her universe and shares her insights and inspiration. 


How did you come up with the brand Ngone Creations ? 

Everything started with my attraction to materials such as beads, feathers, silk, stones, metal and my artistic spirit.  

Creativity has always driven me to learn more about Parisian jewellery since I have been studying at the Nicolas Flamel jewellery school. Ever since, I have been inspired in building a brand that is unique and stands by its own.


Why did you choose the name Ngone for your brand?

Ngone is my first name. It is senegalese and is originally a Bantu name coming from East Africa.  In many Bantu languages, Ngone symbolises the sacred femininity renewed by matriarch concepts. 

NGO also means lion, a symbol of royalty in many ancient African civilisations. 

As you know, my work is all about the reign of beauty in womanhood. 


What are your favourite products/styles from your collections?

I love to match different materials and to use objects differently from their original purpose. This allows me to create a melting effect in my jewellery creations, bringing African spirit into an high standard couture style. 

For the new collection, I used shell koris, painted, lacquered set with crystals and fine chains to bring a sensual touch and at the same time a smart feminine appeal in a very couture way.


How are Ngone creations contributing to a major change in the industry?

As an African designer, the challenge is to succeed in the global market recognised with a high-value design. Our success will help us to contribute to the development of our countries in Africa.

Currently, all my designs are made in France, due to the quality and the know-how. But I believe that interaction between Europe and Africa will help us craft high-quality products for global market, made in Africa.


Which designer(s) inspires you and why?

My main inspiration comes from Ancient Egyptian civilisation. The African Queen haute couture spirit I have discovered while I collaborated with Christian Lacroix during his catwalks. 

I also love Jean Paul Gaultier for his amazing mix of materials. 


As an opinion leader in your sector, what objectives and values are you aiming to communicate via your creations?

I believe in original and high-quality design for women all over the world.


What would be your pieces of advice to young designers trying to build their own brands?

Use your background to build your own style.

Construct and believe in your project!

Build your business and strategies for the global market. 

Come back to your African country to share your know-how, develop connections and participate in the local economy.

And the most important, work hard!


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