Hic & Nunk

Ambilly , France

HIC&NUNK comes from the Latin expression “hic et nunc” which is the Latin for “here and now.”

Hermellia, founder, felt the urge to finding a solution to women like her, who grew up never quite finding the right product to fit their hair type, and made it accessible to them. The brand also embodies the current momentum, with more and more women embracing their natural hair.

The natural hair movement is HERE, the moment is NOW.

£ 62.00

Rich and nourishing vegetable oils to care for dry and damaged hair

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£ 27.00

Formula that efficiently mixes active cleansing plant ingredients with nourishing vegetable oils, that is gentle enough for dry and curly hair.

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£ 33.00

Highly hydrating hair care through the magical combination of water - the #1 hydrating ingredient on the planet - and nourishing vegetable oils for demanding curls.

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£ 41.00

Rich vegetable oils and butters to provide you with top-notch nourishment especially adapted for dry and curly hair.

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